Church Activities        

The church has a wide range of different activities all through the week and at different times of the day.

 Some of our Church Activities have been set up to encourage the health and well being of all those living in the Waterlooville area, especially some of our senior residents. Each one of these groups has a different focus on health but they all encourage friendship.  The groups are an excellent way to make new friends at the same time as making yourself feel fitter and more relaxed.


Tuesday Afternoon                            The Women's Fellowship has a devotional focus with speakers.
                                                          The Re-tyred is a group for men. They meet on some weeks for informal
                                                          chat and fellowship.

Wednesday Evening                          Community Singers builds up the lungs and heart.

Thursday Morning                              
Art Group helps relaxation and stress relief.

Thursday Evening                              The Thursday Group is primarily a social evening that has speakers. 

Saturday Afternoon
                            Tea@3 at W B C meets once a month on the second Saturday of each
                                                           month.  An open invitation to come and have a cup of tea and
                                                           cake, enjoy a chat and get to know other people.